Unlocking the Secrets of Land Purchase on Vancouver Island and in Victoria: 5 Essential Tips from Pinnacle Homes Group

"Unlocking the Secrets of Land Purchase in Victoria: 5 Essential Tips from Thomas Kala at Pinnacle Homes Group"


Purchasing land is an adventure filled with potential and promise, yet it requires careful navigation. Thomas Kala of Pinnacle Homes Group shares five crucial tips for anyone looking to buy land in Victoria. These insights will help you avoid common pitfalls and make informed decisions.

1. Understanding Hydro Services

The availability and type of hydro services are vital. Assess if the land is already serviced with hydro. If not, consider the costs of installing hydro poles or underground hydro. Remember, the costs can escalate quickly depending on the number of poles needed.

Tip: Get a detailed estimate of hydro installation costs. This helps in budgeting and deciding the feasibility of the land purchase.

2. Water Source and Quality

Know where your water will come from. Is it city-serviced, from a co-op, lake, or do you need to drill a well? Drilling a well can be costly, and there's no guarantee of water quality or yield.

Tip: Ensure the land has a reliable and quality water source. If drilling a well is required, factor in potential costs and the need for water testing.

3. Sewage and Septic Systems

Does the land have access to city sewer, or will you need a septic system? The type and cost of septic systems can vary significantly.

Tip: Research the type of septic system suitable for the land and get an estimate of the installation costs. This can be a major expense in your land development budget.

4. Lot Trees and Excavation

Consider the number of trees on the lot and the rules for cutting them down. Some areas require tree replacement, which can be an added cost.

Tip: Plan for the costs of tree removal and replacement. Check with local municipalities for specific regulations regarding tree cutting.

5. Ground Conditions

Understand the ground conditions of your land. Building on a cliff, rocky ground, or clay can significantly increase construction costs.

Tip: Conduct a thorough ground assessment. Consider the costs of blasting rock or excavating clay, especially if you plan to build a basement.


Buying land in Victoria requires more than just love for the location. It demands a deep understanding of the land’s potential and limitations. With these tips from Thomas Callawa and the expertise of Pinnacle Homes Group, you're well on your way to making a wise land purchase decision.

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